How to make your air conditioner more energy efficient

By implementing just a few changes, you can make your air conditioning system much more efficient so that you are not paying a fortune to stay cool this summer.

It seems like every day there is a news story about the increase of electricity and the pressure that it puts on businesses. As the energy costs steadily rise it becomes more important to be efficient so your quarterly bill doesn’t put you in the red.

The Western Australian summer is as hot as the flames of hell and we rely heavily on our air conditioner. Now, we are not saying that you shouldn’t use it (because that would be madness), but rather implement some changes so you’re chewing up less electricity.

The following tips are designed to make your air conditioner more efficient. By implementing these steps, you should see a noticeable decrease on your next bill.

Have your AC serviced.

You should have a qualified technician check your air conditioning equipment at least once a year. Apart from making sure there is nothing that needs repairing, having it serviced will ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible.

If you need work done on your air conditioning system, the team at Essential Refrigeration can help you with any repairs or installation issues.

Change your air filter

It might not seem like a big thing, but simply changing the filter on your AC is an easy way to dramatically increase the performance of your system.

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When the filter is dirty and clogged with debris, it has to work harder to cool down your workplace. That means that is has to use more electricity.

Replacing your filters regularly (at least every month in summer) will stop dirt and particles accumulating in your AC, which will help maintain factory performance and reduce the risk of damage occurring.

Check for leaking air ducts

If you have an air conditioning system with ducts that carry air around your workplace, you need to check that you’re not losing cool air through leaks.

When you get your yearly service, the technician will check that there are no holes in your vents, but if you want to do it yourself, it is very easy to do. Inspect your ducts for any visible holes or tears. If you think you see a problem, turn the AC on and check to see if cool air coming out from these areas. Another tell-tale sign is dust or lint around the suspected area.

Small leaks can be fixed with sealant or masking tape. For bigger problems, leave it to experts. Your DIY solutions will probably do more harm than good.

Keep it clean

Like any sort of equipment, you need to keep your AC cleaned. As previously mentioned, dirt and grime in your system will make it work harder (and use more electricity).

Apart from a yearly clean from a professional, regularly check to make sure your unit is free from obstructions. The most common thing that’s going to get in there is leaves. If you feel like you’re capable of doing it yourself, follow this tutorial. Apart from that, run the vacuum over the outside of the system every month to clear out any dirt.

Keep it out of the sun

Any machine that heats up is not going to work as effectively. Your air conditioning unit is no exception. If you have an outside component to your system, it’s ideal to install it in an area that is protected from the sun.

The south side of your business place is ideal. However, this is not always achievable. Another way to make sure your AC is not roasting in the sun is to plant trees nearby to provide shade. Just make sure that nothing is blocking the access panel – remember, people will need to be able to access if for maintenance and repair.

The team at Essential Refrigeration Services hope these tips will save your business money this summer.

If you need work done on your air conditioning system, the team at Essential Refrigeration can help you with any repairs or installation issues.