How to improve the air quality that we breathe

The air we breathe these days, indoors and out, is not great to say the least. Air quality differs in different cities and countries but the general trend is that our air is getting dirtier not cleaner.

This means we often breathe in substances that are detrimental to ours and our children’s health, causing health issues which might manifest themselves later on. There are many ways to improve our outdoor air quality, although these are often small insignificant ways, which would require a concerted effort by millions of people to make an impact. More importantly there are things we can do to significantly improve the indoor air that we breathe. Here’s a guide to both home environment for a long time after application. Do your research before painting the inside and outside of you home.

Remove your wood fireplace

Now we all love the smell of wood, but it’s preferable to leave wood fires to the outdoors. Wood fires release smoke into your home, contaminating your home’s air. While it might not be toxic, it’s also not great for the air that we breathe especially for kids. This is true regardless of how often you clean your chimney.

Convert your wood fire into a gas or propane fire, both of which burn cleanly. You still need to make sure your chimney is clean at all times.

Ensure good ventilation in your home

All homes have windows, make sure there is always some fresh air allowed to enter your home.

There are many ways to improve the air that we breathe especially our home and work spaces.
Another way is to buy a high quality air conditioner and keep it well maintained and serviced at all times.

Contact your local air conditioning specialist for advice on buying new air conditioning or repairing or maintaining your existing one.